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Who the Hell is Steve Santagati?

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Steve Santagati

Who knows more about crime
than a criminal?

Steve Santagati is the NY times best selling Author of “The Manual…A True Bad Boy Explains…” a 22 year seasoned TV personality, America’s #1 relationship expert, and president of Bad Boys Finish First Inc., a registered trademark brand and lifestyle. He embodies a rare combination of television savvy and real-life relationship experience. Television producers, newspapers, and magazines gravitate toward his no nonsense approach to relationship advice. He has frequently appeared on The Today Show, OPRAH, Dr Phil, Rachel Ray, Tyra, NBC,ABC, CBS, FOX,CNN, 20/20, Mtv, and VH1.

His on-camera television experience also extends to a long history of appearing in countless TV commercials, and hosting numerous shows; including weekend anchor/producer on Extra, reporter on American Journal, and host of Bachelorettes in Alaska, Man vs. Beast, World Gone Wild, Drive Shaft on Fox, and many others.

Steve was an editor-at-large for Men's Journal magazine and a contributor to Jane magazine.

Steve is the inspiration behind the movie The Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler (he plays Steve).

Additionally, Steve has been quoted in Rabbi Shmuly’s Kosha Sutra book and is frequently solicited to offer endorsements on the back of leading psychologists’ books, many of which he has worked with.

Steve has always been a mover-and-shaker. By the time he turned 21, he held a college degree with honors from Emerson College, owned a company selling jeans to Bloomingdales and Filenes, and had launched a modeling career that would soon span two decades and include clients like Gap, Armani, Gillette, Vogue, and GQ.

There aren't many extreme sports that Steve hasn't tried, and his adventures have taken him around the world, from the Amazon to Everest: He's called Australia, Italy, and Japan "home". He also designed and built his own house, a 300-acre homestead in Vermont.

His highly praised book, The MANual, was not even on shelves for two months when it became a NY TIMES and Amazon BEST SELLER.

Steve has been doling out relationship advice for a long time, much of it drawn from his own personal experience and unorthodox, yet scientific, field research as a three-decade serial dater and wild life host and enthusiast. His quote: "Who knows more about crime than a criminal?" is the root of why men and women can rely on his expertise.

He compliments his experience with intense research and the knowledge he has accumulated from the people he has advised. Moreover, he hasn't just read about the intricacies of relationships; he lived them, and still is today. He believes that there is no substitute for real life experience, and tells women what is really going on in a way that they can instantly practice in the real world.

The MANual is now in over 19 countries and 15 languages.

Steve currently works out of Los Angeles, but travels frequently to surf, kiteboard or flyfish every chance he gets.

What is Bad Boys Finish First?

Quite Simply, BAD BOYS FINISH FIRST / BAD GIRLS FINISH FIRST is the opposite of nice guys / girls finish last

Dave Navarro - Bad Boys Finish First

How it All Began

The BBFF / BGFF brand first began as a question, "If nice guys finish last, then who finishes first, who comes out on top?"

The answer is, we do, the bad boys and girls who are in charge of our lives and relationships.

I was pacing around my NYC apartment, I answered the question who "finishes first", and subsequently made up a t-shirt for myself and a female friend that said, "BAD BOYS FINISH FIRST AND BAD GIRLS FINISH FIRST" - with my logo.

I didn't think much of it, and we began wearing the shirts on the streets of New York. Anyone who has lived in NY city will tell you that New Yorkers are wonderfully jaded and opinionated - They've seen it all, so if they like it, you're on to something big. I was blown away at all the smiles and questions I got in response to my simple tee shirt. I wasn't prepared for the response, and when I began getting requests for retail and personal orders I scrambled to get an official company organized.

Being Bad Defined

Being "bad" doesn't mean you're sleazy or evil, quite the opposite, it means you understand that life is about having fun, leading, not following, and realizing that harmless mischief is an end in itself. It's a twinkle in your eye that says, "I get it" and I plan on using that knowledge to my advantage.

The Cross Bone - Hearts - And Skull Logo

I created the cross bone and skull logo (with the hearts at the end of the bones) based on something I did as a model; in photos I would often smirk and raise an eye brow to indicate I was up to no good. A logo was born, the symbol for a brand like no other. The cross bone [tipped in hearts] and skull playfully warns others and symbolizes that you are everything fearless human beings want in life, happy in matters of love, control over your destiny, fun, and dominant over the masses.

The Business Plan

My brand is now a registered trademark, has garnered major press awareness, and is about to go into ubiquitous distribution.

I chose NOT to get investors. Having others pay for your dream does speed things up but it often dilutes a brand. I made the decision to do it myself, go slow, make mistakes, and keep true to my message, OUR MESSAGE.

What it Means to You

When you order a product you're not just buying something to cover your naked body, you're letting the world know you're part of an elite group of bad boys and girls who have made the choice to FINISH FIRST and live the life they deserve! We are the select group of people who won't succumb to mediocrity or a door mat position in life. We are the Ninjas of the dating world, the alpha males and females who make the rules up as we go along and shun convention and political correctness. We have heart.

Thanks and Stay Bad,

Steve Santagati
President Bad Boys Finish First / Bad Girls Finish First

Bad Boys Finish First - Dating Relationship Advice from a True Bad Boy

Bad Girls Finish First - Dating Relationship Advice from a True Bad Boy

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